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Gordy's fischertechnik source list

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At one time, I maintained a price list of Internet based fischertechnik retailers. However, I have found that task to be far too time consuming, in fact, it was getting hard to just maintain a list of fischertechnik kits. Ultimately, I gave up on tracking the prices, but, I still maintain a list of sources, mostly retailers, where fischertechnik products can be found. Hope the following list helps you find what you are looking for!
 >  Timberdoodle Company
Timberdoodle imports some fischertechnik products. Awesome prices.
 >  Kelvin distributes fischertechnik products.
 >  Terrapin Software
Terrapin Software distributes fischertechnik products.
 >  Mr. Robot
Mr Robot distributes fischertechnik products.
 >  Mondo-tronics Robot Store
The Mondo-tronics' Robot Store has a few fischertechnik kits listed on their Robot Kits list.
 >  Creative Learning Systems, Inc.
Creative Learning Systems, Inc. distributes fischertechnik products.
 >  Edubots
Edubots distributes fischertechnik.
 >  Model A Technology
Model A Technology and, the official Independent Representative for fischertechnik in the United States. They are also the master distributor and sell fischertechnik products through retail dealers, which is why one won't see prices on their web site. If you check the fischertechnik site in Germany you will see that they are listed as the representative or partner. To see a list of the current fischertechnik products, check the catalog section of their web site.
Check out their Retailers List for distributors not on my list. They offer a Bulletin Board too.
 >  Procon Technology
I am told that Procon Technology ship a lot of orders to the USA because their prices are very competitive and they provide additional software that no one else can. Also, they offer a whole series of Newsletters.
 >  Fischertechnik@home
Fischertechnik@home distributes fischertechnik products online across Europe and the World.
 >  Staudinger GmbH
Staudinger GmbH offers some kits based on fischertechnik parts.
Not only does contain information about fischertechnik including old catalogues, manuals and an interactive article-list with spare-parts from the beginnings until today, they are an A-dealer of fischertechnik, so they keep the full fischertechnik assortment, including all spare parts, in stock. Broken as of 2002-Oct-15.
 >  Boenig und Kallenbach oHG
Boenig und Kallenbach oHG (in German), I think they are selling fischertechnik stuff.
I am told is a very good distributor who will also handle foreign orders. Note that I have no personal experience with them.

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And yes, by the way, I know fischertechnik® is not spelled fischertechnick, fischerteknik, fischerteknick, fishertechnick, fisherteknik, fisherteknick, fischer-technick, fischer-teknik, fischer-teknick, fisher-technick, fisher-teknik, fisher-teknick, fischer technick, fischer teknik, fischer teknick, fisher technick, fisher teknik, or fisher teknick, but not all the search engines do!

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